New Pixel and Hammer Logo

AllBetterCare needed a new website to cohesively communicate their brand and services of multiple urgent care locations as their business expanded. The new website needed to be responsive, scalable for future locations; efficient; user-friendly for clients to find information right away; and professional; but approachable.

Going to the doctor can be a stressful experience when you are not feeling well, so our design goal was to make the information easy to find and read, and to provide imagery that would put a patient’s mind at ease. We highlighted imagery of AllBetterCare’s doctors and exam rooms so that patients are familiar with the team and location before ever setting foot in the building.

We use clear, concise content to show precisely how AllBetterCare can help you and your family.

We developed a custom check-in form that allows patients to check in before they arrive at the center to lessen wait times and avoid filling out a paper registration form. The ability to make payments online through a safe and secure, third party app was also incorporated into to the website.

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Services completed

  • Website design & development

tools used

  • ExpressionEngine
  • Ruby on Rails