Working on Hospice of Central PA was one of the most rewarding projects we worked on as a team. We spent ample time researching the industry but nothing could compare with the experience of shadowing an HCP employee for a day. We observed that the type of care HCP provides is far beyond medical. It involves many aspects of life including medical, spiritual, emotional, and physical.

Those hours we spent shadowing with HCP gave us an honest glimpse into the lives of HCP employees and the families they serve. Because we were able to approach the project with a humble new perspective, the brand and website we developed turned out even better than we had hoped for.

The four-part shield of the logo represents the whole-care approach - each quadrant represents a segment of care. Shields are a sign of protection and strength - they are used by individuals on the front line. HCP aims to care/protect individuals and families during life’s struggles.

Services completed

  • Branding
  • Print Collateral