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Meet Holly Tritt

A little bio

Holly loves working with the team at Pixel & Hammer. She loves them so much that she's worked here twice. She joined Pixel & Hammer in 2011 and a few years later took a break to help build her family's business. Then, missing Pixel & Hammer's awesomesauce so much, she came back for round two.

She enjoys being part of a company that values integrity, who likes to try out new ideas, and strives to build camaraderie between team members. Holly likes to have brainstorming sessions about marketing with Emily at coffee houses. Some of her most refined skills include finding a meme for any conversation, sarcastic verbal battles with Brandon, and doing tree pose while working at her standing desk.

Holly's favorite place to be is at home with her husband in their house by the creek. They have a German Shepherd, two cats, and lots of feathered friends. Since 2012, they've been raising chickens, ducks, and turkeys. Holly loves spending time with the Creator of all life, enjoys renovating her home with her husband, and experiencing the fall season.

About her totem

Chickens are very curious animals who love exploring, learning, and discovering new areas of nature. Holly has grown very fond of these funny little creatures and can see parts of her own personality in them. While they enjoy being around others in community, they equally appreciate their own personal space and take time to be by themselves.

Her job

Due to her background in print and branding, Holly loves creating brands for organizations that reflect their values and who they are. She enjoys working with different colors, type treatments, photography styles, and textures to enhance and build a brand.

Holly also builds the front-end of websites using hand-crafted code. Seeing a static website design come to life on the web is rewarding and fun for her.