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A client trip to New Hampshire

Written by Emily Bear

Occasionally we get to travel to meet our clients who are farther afield. In February some of us drove through the record breaking snow in the northeast to meet with a really awesome client that makes thermally modified siding from poplar trees. They’re located in New Hampshire, so we heard some great Northern accents along the way!

Despite the snow, we got to see their process and really get a feel for their products. We feel this is one of the reasons we’re such a great fit for many of our clients, because we try to get to understand who they are and how they work.

During the process, we also reached out to the people using the siding. We spoke to Chris, a wonderful architect in Maine and then a Visitor Center in Wisconsin who both have outstanding, breath-taking buildings clad in the siding. It was great to see pictures of the product in use and hear great reviews.

We’re working on finishing up the design now and will be coding the site in the upcoming weeks. I hope you’ll check back soon to see our completed project!

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