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Journal Entries By: Emily

Pixel & Hammer releases its first official podcast!

Our team has plenty of expertise and even more to say about business, culture, technology, marketing, and design. Every other Friday, our team sits down to share insight into one of these topics to hopefully help our listeners improve and be inspired.

Top 5 favorite productivity apps to get things done

When working with a small team with large projects, there is always a deadline, new tools and information to digest, and ideas to process. I love productivity apps, so I wanted to take a moment to share my all time favorites with you.

Humanizing your brand

As a business, it seems appropriate to create a campaign that ties in to a discount, and watch the resulting data to gauge success based on sales, clicks, or whatever metric you like to use. I challenge you to set aside the data, and take a very deliberate look at your market and truly communicate with them.

Welcoming new team members

Emily writes about Office News

We are very excited to introduce new members of Pixel & Hammer team!

New name, new digs

Emily writes about Office News

​“Again?!” This is a response I have gotten used to hearing when I announce the latest move of our little studio. Yes. Again. And this time we are sure that we are staying put! Big things have happened in the last few months and we felt the need for a formal update.

Our client makes the LA Times

Emily writes about Our Clients

Our studio is excited to expand our footprint into the great state of New Hampshire. A few weeks ago, we successfully launched the new Cambia by NFP website. Cambia takes a common wood species like Yellow Poplar or Ash and uses a unique process to produce a thermally modified product to enhance durability and dimensional stability similar to cedar, popular imported species (think teak and mahogany), and composite materials.

Supporting our local community - Carlisle Summerfair

Emily writes about Our Clients

We’ve been honored to have the opportunity to enhance Summerfair’s branding by lovingly donating a bright new logo, brochure and poster designs, and mobile-friendly website.

New website launch: Blessing Trails

Emily writes about Our Clients

​Recently we launched a brand spanking new website and custom solution for Betsy Shughart of Blessing Trails LLC. Betsy came to us with a simple idea of wanting to pay it forward by providing a bag for friends and neighbors to share blessings with each other.

A client trip to New Hampshire

Emily writes about Our Clients

​Occasionally we get to travel to meet our clients who are farther afield. In February some of us drove through the record breaking snow in the northeast to meet with a really awesome client that makes thermally modified siding from poplar trees. They’re located in New Hampshire, so we heard some great Northern accents along the way!

Say "hello" to Pixel & Hammer

Emily writes about Office News

​Well, here we are with an updated website and a new name. Don’t worry, we’re still the same 717 Studios team that you’ve been dealing with for years, but now we’ve got a brand that better reflects the level of storytelling and handcraftedy-ness that goes into everything we do. Now that we’re official, you should see the Pixel & Hammer brand out there more often. By the way, don’t forget to give us call and ask for one of our spiffy new Pint glasses!

Responsive web design: Crafting websites for people and devices

Emily writes about Tech

The internet has become the world’s supply hub, and people access it daily, voraciously, and on multiple devices...