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Journal Entries By: Levi

Meet Scott McFadden - Our New Designer

Levi writes about Office News

Last week we hired a new graphic / web designer at Pixel & Hammer, Scott McFadden. Naturally, we through him to the wolves and on his 3rd day we recorded our first episode as the Agency Hour Podcast. Learn more about Scott and give our latest episode a listen.

How to develop branding consistency

Levi writes about Industry

Learn why it is important to have consistency in your branding and how to make it happen.

Branded items for the office

Levi writes about Industry

74% of consumers have at least one branded item in their workspace.​

Introducing Goods & Gear

Levi writes about Office News

We are now an official distributor of thousands 
of items that can be personalized with your brand.

Best ways to get great photography

Question: How do I get good imagery for marketing? Answer: No worries, friend. We have 4 ways to hook you up regardless of your budget.

Let's get physical...with your marketing

You’ll hear us talk a lot about the importance of a well designed website and clear social media marketing plan. These are both aspects of marketing that can sometimes be hard to grasp because they are, well, intangible.

We whistle while we work

Levi writes about Office News

One of the first questions every morning is, “what do you want to listen to today?”

Marketing plan basics

Levi writes about Business

​Having recently reworked our own marketing plan, we thought it would be a good time to share some pointers with you. Before we delve into the process, we’ll make sure you understand what a marketing plan is and why it is important.