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Journal Entries By: Sarah

Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

Counting down the top seven of our favorite WordPress plugins that anyone can use to improve their website!

Keeping your business secure online

Sarah writes about Tech

​Many business’ are unprepared for the security concerns of the internet, especially if the business isn’t focussed on technology. Regardless it’s important to keep your business secure online so we have outlined a few steps that any business can follow to help out.

What's the secret password?

Sarah writes about Tech

​The first thing that comes to mind when talking about passwords is pain. They’re a pain to remember, a pain to recover when forgotten, a pain when they get stolen and it’s a pain when a website forces you to create super secure passwords without the name of your favorite pet.

​After launch, what next?

Maintenance is probably one of the least sexy things to talk about when discussing your website. In fact the conversation of maintenance usually comes at the tail end of something bad, like a broken feature or even a hack. But a lot of times hacks or broken features are preventable or their damage can at least be mitigated through maintaining your website post launch.

All About SSL's

SSL's aren't new, but they are still well misunderstood. With the internet continuing to push towards more secure standards, find out everything you need to know about an SSL and how it applies to your website.

Tools of the Trade

As part of our branding and our identities as digital makers, we liken ourselves to blacksmiths and other crafter types. In the same way a blacksmith uses his hammer to shape and mold his metal creation, we use our tools to shape and mold pixels into beautiful, functional websites. Our tools are important to us, so we’d like to share with everyone some of our favorite tools that we use daily.

Forging Custom Tools

Websites are fantastic tools for marketing, information and selling products or services. But the web is an ever-growing and advancing technology and it’s capabilities expand constantly. Much the way cities develop, thousands of people from around the world are building and updating powerful tools and resources for others to tap into, connect to and build up. What makes this important though, is how it can help you or your business grow and optimize.

How to choose a promotional product

We’ll take a look at how to choose an effective product for your target audience by asking 5 simple questions.

Let’s talk about your back end

There’s a lot of discussion about Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world of the web. Most of the chatter is about WordPress but there are ever-growing communities springing up around many other options and as a result there is a lot of argument as to which CMS is best.

The strength to wield hammers

Sarah writes about Office News

​It’s sort of a given that building a team can be quite a challenge. You can hire the best people in the world, but if they don’t get along or don’t work well together...

Pixel & Hammer welcomes back Holly

Sarah writes about Office News

​Some of you might remember me, but for those of you who don’t, my name is Holly Tritt. I was part of the team at 717 Studios a few years ago as a designer and also worked on front-end development.