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New website launch: Blessing Trails

Written by Emily Bear

We recently launched a brand new website for Betsy Shughart of Blessing Trails LLC. Betsy came to our creative team with the idea to create a fun way for friends and neighbors to pay it forward by sharing blessing that could be tracked to see just how far they could go.

Her idea

Betsy's dream was to allow people to share small blessings like baked goods, books, and thoughtful items with a unique bag with a trackable code. We quickly got on board with this idea, and helped Betsy nail down all of the logistics. Users can register their newly purchased bag and watch its "blessing trail" as it is passed on to new people. Users receive email notifications when their bag is passed on, and can even track its progress on a custom Google map.

An ecommerce solution

We integrated our custom development into the Shopify ecommerce platform so customers can seamlessly order bags. Shopify helps Betsy manage her inventory and provides robust reporting so that she can easily keep tab on her online business. Shopify also integrates into the shipping method that Betsy wanted to use to keep track of shipping the bags, so the process is easy.

I encourage you to check out her site at and order a bag or two, fill them with some doughnuts and come see us!

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