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Branded items for the office

74% of consumers have at least one branded item in their workspace.​

When choosing client gifts, think about where and how your clients spend their time. If any of your clients have office settings for their workdays, consider a helpful item for their desk or workflow. This places your brand in their line of sight almost every day from 9-5 (keeping you on the top of their mind for when someone asks for a referral). According to a study by a national promotional products association, 74% of consumers have at least one branded item in their workspace.

Checking the facts

I was curious to test this theory, so today I walked around and looked at each desk in our office. We have a smaller team so I was interested to see how this statistic held up. Out of the 6 desks in our office, 5 of them had a branded item prominently on display or that was used daily. Drinkware seems to be a favorite in our office and we also had a phone caddy and lanyard being used or displayed.

Stuff for the office

Office-related branded items are great assets to add to your marketing plan for increasing brand awareness. When it comes to choosing office items, the key is to choose useful items. Research shows that “77% percent of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the number-one reason to keep it, with health and safety products, computer products and writing instruments ranked as the most useful.” Below are links to our picks for the workplace branded items featured in this photo:

1. Roll stickers
Stickers are great for brand messaging. A sticker with a quirky saying, fun illustration, icon or graphic that appeals to people in your industry could end up on someone’s laptop, Nalgene water bottle, or any other place that lots of other people could end up seeing.

2. Neon colored ceramic mug
If bright colors aren’t in your marketing, keep this idea in the back of your mind for a special event, announcement, or any other special occasion you want to draw attention to. Branded mugs are actually more effective for brand recognition than radio or TV advertisements.

3. Spiral-bound notepad
Give your clients or employees space to make lists, goals, or take notes during a meeting. Either way, they will be being productive and your item helped them accomplish that. Positive impression? We think so.

4. Sleek capped pen
This is not your standard click pen. This pen has a classy professional look that will set your brand apart from all the other guys. Bonus: it is under $1/pen.

5. Snazzy pin button
Use custom buttons for employee morale, achievements, or general brand awareness campaigns.

6. Chocolate bar
Who doesn’t love an afternoon snack? While this item may not physically last as long as others, the positive impression will last for a long time. You can get custom chocolate wrappers or custom chocolate molds.

7. Earbuds with case
Whether your clients frequent the gym, work hard at their desks, or travel, earbuds are a great choice for a branded item. Earbuds are used almost daily, so each time they pull up their favorite podcast or hit play on their favorite song, they’ll be reminded of you.

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