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Our client makes the LA Times

Written by Emily Bear

Our studio is excited to expand our footprint into the great state of New Hampshire. A few weeks ago, we successfully launched the new Cambia by NFP website. Cambia takes a common wood species like Yellow Poplar or Ash and uses a unique process to produce a thermally modified product to enhance durability and dimensional stability similar to cedar, popular imported species (think teak and mahogany), and composite materials.

Traveling to meet the Cambia team

We had the pleasure to drive to Kingston to see their lumber yard and the rest of their extensive facility during the middle of this past winter. We literally had snow past our knees, but it was a great experience and we were so much more prepared to build a new website that really highlighted the benefits of their thermally modified wood material after meeting with their fantastic team and to see their facility in action.


Today, Cambia let us know that they were featured in an article in the LA Times. The article features an image of New England home on Permaquid Pond, designed by Briburn architects. The house is clad in Cambia by NFP’s Thermally Modified Poplar. More images of the property with beautiful Cambia siding can be seen here. When Cambia approached us, they had a small portfolio of photos where their siding was used. Our team tracked down a few leads and connected with Briburn and their photographer to secure top-notch images for the Cambia site.

As it turns out, over 450 online news services ran the story besides the LA Times, including the Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, San Francisco Gate, and the Houston Chronicle. The contact and sample request form that we built are now generating an increased volume of leads. We want to congratulate them on their success and would recommend their Cambia product in a heartbeat if you’re looking for something beautiful for your home.

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