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You're Saying Too Much

Scott McFadden November 9th, 2018

Let’s cut to it: you’re saying too much. More specifically, your website is saying too much. Most websites do. And this is a big problem for your business.

5 Tips for Better Business Blogging

Scott McFadden November 2nd, 2018

Blogging is an important yet often underutilized marketing tool for businesses. Yet there are so many benefits to maintaining a blog it’s hard to ignore!

Pixel & Hammer releases its first official podcast!

Emily Bear October 3rd, 2017

Our team has plenty of expertise and even more to say about business, culture, technology, marketing, and design. Every other Friday, our team sits down to share insight into one of these topics to hopefully help our listeners improve and be inspired.

Tools of the Trade

Sarah Kyler November 22nd, 2016

As part of our branding and our identities as digital makers, we liken ourselves to blacksmiths and other crafter types. In the same way a blacksmith uses his hammer to shape and mold his metal creation, we use our tools to shape and mold pixels into beautiful, functional websites. Our tools are important to us, so we’d like to share with everyone some of our favorite tools that we use daily.

Best ways to get great photography

Levi McCurdy September 9th, 2016

Question: How do I get good imagery for marketing? Answer: No worries, friend. We have 4 ways to hook you up regardless of your budget.

Top 5 favorite productivity apps to get things done

Emily Bear August 19th, 2016

When working with a small team with large projects, there is always a deadline, new tools and information to digest, and ideas to process. I love productivity apps, so I wanted to take a moment to share my all time favorites with you.

How to choose a promotional product

Sarah Kyler July 19th, 2016

We’ll take a look at how to choose an effective product for your target audience by asking 5 simple questions.

Let's get physical...with your marketing

Levi McCurdy May 27th, 2016

You’ll hear us talk a lot about the importance of a well designed website and clear social media marketing plan. These are both aspects of marketing that can sometimes be hard to grasp because they are, well, intangible.

Let the good times roll

Shannon Fourlas May 24th, 2016

Once a month, our team tries to do some type of team building activity. In the short time that I have been with the company we have done two fun activities; Painting pots for Earth Day and bowling at the local bowling alley.

Humanizing your brand

Emily Bear May 6th, 2016

As a business, it seems appropriate to create a campaign that ties in to a discount, and watch the resulting data to gauge success based on sales, clicks, or whatever metric you like to use. I challenge you to set aside the data, and take a very deliberate look at your market and truly communicate with them.

Marketing plan basics

Levi McCurdy November 19th, 2015

​Having recently reworked our own marketing plan, we thought it would be a good time to share some pointers with you. Before we delve into the process, we’ll make sure you understand what a marketing plan is and why it is important.