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Celebrating Earth Day!

Written by Shannon Fourlas

Today, we celebrate the Earth and all of its wonderful attributes and so, I decided that it would be fitting for this week’s post to be about Earth Day. In theory, this was a great idea, however if I am being completely honest, I did not know that much to be able to write anything worth reading, so I decided to do some research on the history of the day, in order to make this a little more enjoyable, for your viewing pleasure!

A little history

While researching the history of this spectacular day, I learned some interesting facts that I thought I would share. For starters, I was curious as to why Earth Day was April 22nd. What is so special about this specific day, I asked myself? Well, it just so happens that back in the 70’s, during all of the other popular movements that were going on at the time, a ‘teach-in’ movement was started. The teach-in movement was essentially a grassroots effort aimed at protecting the environment. But, it can’t be said that this date was solely chosen based on some free-spirited individuals back in the 1970’s. Some say that the true date was actually decided upon based on a previously celebrated day. That’s right, Arbor Day! Typically, the most common practice on Arbor Day was to plant trees, in order to sustain the environment!

I think that sustainability has definitely been accomplished, at least in our wonderful state of PA. Thankfully, there is no longer a need to plant trees, as the PA forest is now more extensive today than it was 100 years ago, according to one of our wonderful clients at Keystone Wood Products Association (KWPA).

We have quite a few clients who are doing their part, each and every day, to help the environment and to help others learn more about their wonderful products. Take Northland Forest Products for example. They are putting out one of the coolest wood products that I’ve ever seen - Cambia wood. Cambia, by NFP, is an environmentally friendly alternative to imported exotic hardwood species. It is used for various things, such as siding and trim. How cool is that?

Cambia’s Thermally Modified Wood in action!

We also have a client, in our hometown of Carlisle (one of America’s Strongest towns, might I add!), that is constantly helping the environment as well as the local community. Project SHARE has been around since 1985 and is doing really great things, such as clothing donations, cardboard donation and recycling, and many more. Although I was aware of the wonderful programs that Project SHARE offers, there was one that I was not so familiar with - Gleaning. Apparently, Gleaning is a very old concept that dates back to biblical times. Basically, the gist of the gleaning program is this: When the farmers harvest their crops, crews of volunteers will go out and collect any leftovers that are still perfectly good field gleanings. Project SHARE works with over 36 local farms and farm markets to allow these fruitful pickings to be enjoyed by individuals that would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Basically, in my short time with the company, I have learned that we work with some really great clients (who am I kidding, they’re all great!) who are doing some really great things for the environment. In an effort to do something neat, just like our clients, we decided to take advantage of this day and have our own little celebration of Earth Day. We decided that it would be fun to have a mini arts and crafts activity where we painted pots. These pots will later house our office pets…PLANTS! Any time our clients come to the office, they will be able to see the fruits of our environmentally friendly labor. That being said, I would like to forewarn everyone - I am not the creative mind in the office, which is sadly indicative of my pot!

In conclusion, there are some really wonderful things taking place on this planet, as an effort to help sustain the world that we live in. If you’d like to learn more about some of our awesome clients who are doing their part, just follow the links below!

Happy Earth Day!

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