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Humanizing your brand

Written by Emily Bear

As a business, it seems appropriate to create a campaign that ties in to a discount, and watch the resulting data to gauge success based on sales, clicks, or whatever metric you like to use. I challenge you to set aside the data, and take a very deliberate look at your market and truly communicate with them.

If you have ever worked with me, you know that I find great importance in what I call “humanizing your brand”. Simply put, it is the conscious effort of an organization to step out from behind their “business” curtain and show that they are human. We have feelings, we are insightful, and sometimes we make mistakes. Your brand is not unlike a person. You have a unique style, ideals and goals, the urge to succeed and make a difference. Below I have outlined four ways to personally connect with your customers in a way that create long lasting effects.

Focus on the story

People like sharing and value meaningful conversations. By focusing on sharing your story, even as it unfolds, you are allowing your customers to become emotionally invested in your future.

Is your product or service developed to help people? Why is that important to you (your brand). How has helping those people impacted you? Share these aspects of your story and mission with your user by showing those impacts on social media to start a conversation.

Users are much more invested in hearing about day to day successes in small business and interesting tidbits about your inner workings. We suggest that at least 3/4 of your social media engagement focuses on your sharing your story.


One mistake that a lot of businesses make is to treat social media platforms as one giant soapbox for sharing their sales, products, and marketing materials. Sharing information is great, but you can really connect with your market by taking a step off the box and really listen to what your market is saying online.

People are talking about the products, services and brands that they interact with more than ever. What are your customers saying about you? A quick Google and Twitter search are great ways to finding out what your customers are saying about you, your competitors, and similar products/services. Once you have a better understanding of what your customer is interested in, join the conversation!

Connect with your customers on Twitter, Facebook, or another platform that you enjoy to see what they are currently talking about. You can quickly learn what challenges your market is facing and get a great look into their lives. You may find great new tools that you can use to help your customers, or find that a partnership with a brand that your customers are raving about. When you see someone in need of a resource that you can provide, be helpful and share just like a friend would.

Provide value

A simple website can be extremely effective if you are sharing the most valuable content and tools for your users. If your customer base would appreciate and find value in a review of a product or service aligned with yours, share it! Always take the opportunity to share industry advice and tips that could help make someone’s efforts a little easier.

Give Thanks

It is extremely important to place a focus on showing appreciation for your customers by making a consistent and deliberate effort to thank them. Focus on how you can provide additional value, and make a lasting positive impression.

We have a fantastic client who sends a surprise product gift to all of their customers who have signed their guestbook each year. It is amazing to see and hear the reactions of customers as they receive their unexpected present in the mail. The investment in a quality “Thank you” as opposed to a special coupon is well worth it. This client’s data does not show how much money these customers have spent in their store, or require the customers to spend a certain amount to receive their gift. What’s important is showing appreciation for the support that they received that year.

Customers talk about their presents for months, and feel a strong connection to the brand that appreciates them so much. There is no better advertisement than an excited and happy customer.

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