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Ideas for Membership Benefits

Are you looking to boost your membership numbers? One of the first things you can do is buckle down on your mission and goals. One of the first questions you need to know how to answer (and answer well) is “what do you do?”. Potential members want to know exactly what you do so they know exactly what they are supporting. If you have a great elevator pitch about your association and your website clearly expresses what you are all about, you’ve got a good start!

One of the second most frequently asked questions about associations is, “why should I join?” Potential members want to know why it would be beneficial for them. What are they going to get out of it? Here are a few ideas for membership benefits that will make your membership more meaningful.

Further education opportunities

Things like webinars, special events, regional meet-ups, lectures and conferences provide great opportunities for like-minded people to gather and share information. Your members are all connected by your association’s focus and have interest in the same industry. Why not give them the opportunity to gather together and learn?


Providing an online membership directory is a great way for members to be able to find other members near them to build relationships. If your association covers a wide area, you may even consider implementing chapters or regions.

Student membership

Offering a student membership gives the next generation of your industry/focus the opportunity to connect with professionals in the workforce. It gives you the opportunity to provide guidance to the next phase of leaders in your industry. If you have a student membership base, you could offer scholarships for certain programs or schools or to purchase certain supplies or equipment related to your industry.


Providing a resource database to your members gives them the opportunity to submit their research/findings to help move the industry forward for the greater good. For members who are newer to the field, this will be a great resource for them to make sure they are starting out on the right foot by learning from those who have been around the block.


Your organization can partner with businesses in your community or that are crucial to your industry. Examples include discounts for gas stations, office supply stores, insurance companies, restaurants, hotel stays, UPS, or Amazon. Plus, you can be creative just for fun. Who doesn’t love a discount on ice cream or bowling?

Referral incentives

Without doing a whole lot on your end, you could start a campaign for current members to get new members to join. If a current member refers a new member, there could be prizes like a discount on registration for that year’s conference, tshirts, Netflix paid for a year, or any other fun idea you can imagine!

Gaining new members can take time, but it doesn’t always have to take a lot of investment. Even small adjustments to your social media campaigning could make a huge difference. We’re here to help!