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Introducing Goods & Gear

Written by Levi McCurdy

One of our goals is to always be thinking of new ways we can help our clients meet their branding and marketing goals. Both of our designers, Emily and Holly, started their careers in print and branding design. While we enjoy the challenge of planning a website, we also love when they have the opportunity to work on branding projects and get back to their roots. Over the years, we've worked on some in-depth branding projects where many questions had to be considered such as:

  • If this brand were to be at a trade show, what would their booth look like?
  • If this brand were to have employees, what would they wear?
  • If this brand were to do a customer appreciation month, what would they give out?

Many of our clients face situations like these every year. With this in mind, we set out to find a way that we could provide a great, easy solution for needs like these.

It did not take long for us to settle on becoming an authorized dealer of Kaeser and Blair, Incorporated (K&B). K&B provides top of the line products from some of the best companies around at unbeatable prices.

With our new catalogs in hand and sample items ready to be shared, we are excited to introduce Pixel & Hammer Goods & Gear! We can assist you choosing items that will reflect your brand’s personality and what you do. With our branding expertise, we can help you create a fuller, more impactful brand that people will remember.

10 ways we can help you with Goods & Gear

  1. Trade shows
  2. Holiday gifts
  3. Service promotions
  4. Customer appreciation give-aways
  5. New product promotions
  6. Collateral package (pens, sticky notes, folders)
  7. Employee appreciation
  8. Prizes for competitions
  9. Event give-aways
  10. Sales meeting leave-behinds

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