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Let’s talk about your back end

Written by Sarah Kyler

There’s a lot of discussion about Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world of the web. Most of the chatter is about WordPress but there are ever-growing communities springing up around many other options and as a result there is a lot of argument as to which CMS is best. Web developers and companies often take sides, jump onto bandwagons and end up turning a blind eye to all other CMS solutions. All of their clients end up with the same or similar solutions. However, this one-size-fits all mentality doesn’t work for everyone and we find many of our clients simply don’t love the most popular CMS of the day.

When we approach a problem or goal, we are looking for the best solution for our client. We understand that every CMS has benefits and drawbacks and we select the system based on many factors for each client individually. Sometimes that means WordPress, but more often it means using one of the other incredible softwares we work with. One CMS in particular, Statamic has sort of stood out though as being a client favorite, which is awesome because we love it too.

photo credit: statamic

Statamic is fairly new CMS built by a small team(but we like those!) in 2012, and who just launched Statamic V2 back in March. Our clients have loved Statamic primarily because the control panel is so easy and intuitive to work with. It saves them time and headache and it doesn’t require a ton of learning or research to update their website. But there are some other fantastic features we think everyone should know about Statamic.

What about security?

Statamic is a flat-file system, which is a fancy way of saying that there is no database. Databases are one of the biggest potential security risks for any website that has one and sometimes they just aren’t necessary. If you have a database that is vulnerable, a hacker can replace the content on your site with whatever they want which puts you and your customers at risk. With Statamic there’s nothing to worry about.


Statamic’s control panel is responsive and simple, which means it’s really easy to make quick updates from a tablet or phone if you’re on the road a lot or don’t have a computer handy.


There are tons of WordPress articles about how to make your website load faster, because a slow website is a fairly common problem. A lot of content management systems come loaded with features, which is great until you realize how much they slow down your site even if you don't use them. I recently tested a Statamic site’s load speed after content and images were loaded and it was fractions of a second, without sacrificing any functionality.


Statamic is very flexible, which means our design for your website is completely unlimited. We can design and develop your website for the single purpose of meeting your goals or solving your problem and we don’t have to worry about a technology limiting those plans.

Which Content Management System is best for your website?

Statamic offers many other features, but those are just some of our favorite. Now we are well aware that Statamic isn’t the solution for everyone. Some sites need databases or require other features that Statamic doesn’t offer and that’s okay. That’s why we evaluate what you need before we decide upon a CMS and it’s why we also love ExpressionEngine, CraftCMS, Shopify for ecommerce, Wild Apricot for member management solutions, WordPress and of course, custom solutions. We learn all these systems inside and out and we focus on being the best at our craft so you can focus on being the best at yours.

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