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Meet Scott McFadden - Our New Designer

Written by Levi McCurdy

Scott McFadden - Pixel & Hammer

Scott McFadden - Graphic & Web Designer

Just last week, we welcomed our newest team member to the Pixel & Hammer team, Scott McFadden.

Prior to joining the ranks at Pixel & Hammer, Scott celebrated stay-at-home-dad-of-twin-boys status for nearly two years. When he wasn’t changing diapers or attempting to feed toddlers non-Cheerio-related foods, Scott spent his working on freelance design projects, as well as writing, recording, and producing his own solo music project, Okay Children.

More About Scott

Scott's deepest design passion is to simply ask the question, “Why?” By weeding out the excess noise and ambiguity rooted in so many brands—from uninspiring brand identities to cluttered websites to busy messaging—Scott’s job is to help our clients realize their brand potential.

From branding and typography to website user experience and content, Scott will help the Pixel & Hammer team craft beautiful, memorable, and meaningful brands.

Take a Listen

Naturally, on his 3rd day, we let Scott jump right into our latest podcast episode! Click the play button below to learn more about Scott and how he interacts with our team!

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