New Pixel and Hammer Logo

New name, new digs

Written by Emily Bear

“Again?!” This is a response I have gotten used to hearing when I announce the latest move of our little studio. Yes. Again. And this time we are sure that we are staying put! Big things have happened in the last few months and we felt the need for a formal update.

Our new brand

We had many reasons for deciding to take on the huge journey of rebranding to Pixel & Hammer, and we couldn’t be happier or more comfortable with our new namesake. As old team members moved on to fulfill other dreams, and our team transitioned into new roles, our values and ideals have changed. We feel that the new name speaks to the very things that we take pride in: hard, honest craftsmanship in a digital age.

We hope that you like it as much as we do!

Our new office

Though we are very grateful for our short time in the Murata Business Center, we are so very excited to be back within the hustle and bustle in a town that we are proud to call home. Our current location, called the Duncan-Stiles House, is filled with history and charm.

We first looked at the space on a whim many months ago before any renovations took place. The building intrigued us, and though it was nearly vacant and in need of some restoring, we were in love. Having a good environment that allows for open creativity is really important to our team, and this space truly delivers on providing a bright, open space to truly dream.

With the amazingly high ceilings, beautiful woodwork, and a completely oval room we find that there is inspiration everywhere. The large rooms just beckon you to get comfortable, listen to the church bells and plan the next big adventure.

A Special Thanks!

We realize that we are very grateful to work with some amazing organizations and truly awesome people. Thank you for your continued support, and please stop in and visit our new space soon!

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