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Pixel & Hammer welcomes back Holly

Written by Sarah Kyler

Some of you might remember me, but for those of you who don’t, my name is Holly Tritt. I was part of the team at 717 Studios a few years ago as a designer and also worked on front-end development.

In late 2012, I took a step back from 717 Studios to work at my family’s business, Pondview, Inc. During my time there I was able to rebrand the company with a new logo, website and social media presence (you can see the transformation here). Aside from updating the company’s look, I also gained valuable hands-on experience and industry knowledge of promotional products and decorated apparel. These two areas of branding are crucial to a marketing plan and are unfortunately often overlooked. I’ve worked with numerous businesses and organizations who have used these two sectors of branding to strengthen their reputation and reach new clients with great success. I feel truly blessed as a designer to have gained this type of insight, as it is not something designers typically learn formally.

I’m happy to be here at 717 Studios/Pixel & Hammer and ready to combine this new knowledge with my previous experience by bringing a fresh insight to future projects.

Looking forward to seeing you around,


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