New Pixel and Hammer Logo

Say "hello" to Pixel & Hammer

Written by Emily Bear

Well, here we are with an updated website and a new name. Don’t worry, we’re still the same 717 Studios team that you’ve been working with for years, but now we’ve got a brand that better reflects the level of storytelling and handcraftedy-ness that goes into everything we do. Now that we’re official, you should see the Pixel & Hammer brand out there more often. By the way, don’t forget to give us call and ask for one of our spiffy new Pint glasses!

We’ve been telling people that we’re storytellers for ages… probably before it was just the cool thing for design shops to tell people. We’re an outdoorsy group here and there’s nothing we like more than sitting around a campfire and telling stories to our friends. We understand as well as anybody that people connect with stories more than they’ll ever connect with a bulleted lists and charts. Expect to hear more about storytelling from us as we move forward.

Remember, your website, social media, apps, and everything that goes with them are just delivery methods for the most important thing of all… your story.

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