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The strength to wield hammers

​It’s sort of a given that building a team can be quite a challenge. You can hire the best people in the world, but if they don’t get along or don’t work well together…

It’s sort of a given that building a team can be quite a challenge. You can hire the best people in the world, but if they don’t get along or don’t work well together then you can end up with a domino effect of problems which can injure, cripple or end a business. Team building is absolutely essential to the success of our team, our projects and our general happiness and sanity. This is especially true since we are small team who works closely together.

About the test

Emily, Holly and Brandon focused on adding smiling faces to the team who shared similar values and passion for our craft. Now as a team of five, we are hitting the ground running and relieved that we all get along fantastically. Still, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan. Where do we fall back when we’re out of coffee and the stresses of daily life and work are getting to us? We rely on our strengths to get us through.The week I started, I was introduced to a test and a concept I’d never heard before and that was StrengthsFinder. The idea is instead of always working on and building up your areas of weakness, identify and develop your strengths and surround yourself with people who have strengths that compliment your own. The assessment itself helps to reveal talents and strengths based on values and personality traits and then lists the top five that fit you out of thirty-four possibilities. Learning what my strengths are and then comparing those strengths with the rest of the team was quite a learning opportunity and everyone agreed the descriptions of the strengths fit them quite well.

Understanding our strengths

While just being aware of each team member’s strengths is a huge help when working together, understanding how our own strengths play into the whole of the team means we can be more effective in our part. The domino effect then travels the other way and we build each other up, love and improve our craft even more and have the ability to deliver projects that go above and beyond what our clients expect from us. Even in the few weeks we’ve been working together we have seen each other’s strengths display in different ways.

About our strengths

Holly is an incredibly reliable person, and her strengths in discipline and responsibility definitely reflect her ability to not only get things done but to get them done correctly the first time. Strengths in individualization, connectedness and empathy means that Emily is always there to make sure Holly doesn’t feel taken for granted. Emily is always building relationships or helping others build relationships, ensuring we are always surrounded by awesome, incredible and inspiring people. Being a developer, I’m required to think outside the box and be able to solve problems simply and efficiently. It makes sense that StrengthsFinder identified that my strengths are in envisioning the future, ideation and analyzing. Shannon is all about action and getting things done. Her ability to motivate, communicate and encourage excellence means that our ideas and visions are put into plan and action, and we can make sure our craft is always creative and innovative.

Using our strengths to work together

Team building is an ongoing process and as our team changes in the future we are confident that we have tools to move forward and grow both as individuals and as an awesome team of craftsmen. All of this together means we are telling stories more effectively than ever and we are having a great time telling those stories together with our wonderful clients. We are more excited than ever for the future, except Shannon who is already putting that future into our schedules.