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Top 5 favorite productivity apps to get things done

Written by Emily Bear

When working with a small team with large projects, there is always a deadline, new tools and information to digest, and ideas to process. I love productivity apps, so I wanted to take a moment to share my all time favorites with you.

1. Todoist

Todoist is a simple, but powerful task tracking app. It syncs in three different ways: desktop app, browser view, and mobile app; which means that my to-do list is everywhere that I need it to be. I love the ability to create categories and priorities for my tasks and quickly switch between different views so that I can focus on what really matters in the moment.

Every morning I sit down with my phone or laptop and go over my to-do list for the day on Todoist and make any needed adjustments. When I remember a new to-do throughout the day, adding it to the list is quick and easy.

When I complete a task and get to click the oh-so-satisfying check box, Todoist turns task completion into a game by rewarding me with “Karma points.”

I’m a firm believer in the GTD (Getting Things Done) method and even though I’m new to this strategy, it eases my mind to know that Todoist is remembering all of my random “Oh I need to…” thoughts.

2. Notion

“The first-ever intelligence layer for email, Notion filters, highlights and prompts you to focus on what matters most.” Notion has been a huge time saver once integrated into my workflow. When I first received the beta invite, I was quite perplexed by how this mobile-only app could be used efficiently while at my desktop all day, but it has quickly become the way I check email.

Notion uses its magic algorithms to sort your emails based on priority and find any emails that may require a response to questions and sorts them into their own little group. I love that I can make the “check email” portion of my day be as efficient as possible, as I only see what’s important and what needs a response.

Even if I know that I will respond on my computer, Notion allows me to quickly organize and archive emails with ease. Plus, the “snooze” and mass archive/delete features are top notch.

3. Evernote

I have used a lot of note collecting and organizing apps over the years but I keep coming back to Evernote. I use this app to hold all of the half-baked ideas and resources that I want to explore further.

For each new project I start, whether for work or my personal life, I create an Evernote folder to hold all of my thoughts and ideas related to the project. I can quickly reference the notes and make sense of everything. There’s a reason why this app is so popular: it works well and the interface is elegant.

4. Audible

Now most wouldn’t consider this a productivity app, but I do learn and grow so much more when I listen to audio books. Audible allows me to listen to books on my commute, while doing chores, and even while at work. I have read 2 physical books this year, while I have finished approximately 11 audiobooks featuring a variety of topics and genres.

I love starting my day by getting ready for work while listening to an inspiring story or advice on bettering my life in some way. This helps me get into the right mindset for the day and I find that I am much more productive when I have a good audiobook to enjoy while checking off my to-dos.

5. IF

IF allows you to choose or create “recipes” that can add really useful functionality and communication between your favorite apps. This sweet little app can do just about anything. Do you want to get a notification when an astronaut enters space? If can do it Do you want to track the hours you spend at the office on Google spreadsheets automatically by using your phone’s GPS? IF’s got you covered.

Along with other useful actions, I use the app to allow me to add tasks to Todoist by simply chatting with Siri, or by using the “Important” tag in my Gmail.

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