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Trends in Food Branding

Ingredients are the star of the show

An emerging trend in food branding is bringing focus to the ingredients of the product. We see this in packaging as well as on the web. Below is a glance at Kind’s website, which puts an emphasis on what is in their snacks. There are increasing amounts of consumers who are becoming more conscious of what is in their food. If your brand values quality of ingredients, making them the central focus of your brand could be just the thing to help consumers choose your product. The Great British Porridge Company not only focuses on the ingredients in their product, but actually uses them as a design element on their packaging, which creates brand consistency.

Handwritten fonts

The Good Grain Co uses bright, cheery colors and handwritten fonts to create an approachable brand that makes you feel good. The Artisan Food Village utilizes different styles throughout their brand. The colors maintain consistency throughout all products, however their new rebrand of their product, Popti, has a playful feel that embraces their artisan culture.

Landscape photography in branding

Using photography in food branding can be tricky, given that taking photos of food is so challenging. Using photography of the unexpected, like the flour packaging below, can create a fresh new look. In the article about the brand, the creators state, “The new packaging has emphasized the contact with the richness of Russian land…The new look of the flour ‘Ryazanochka’ is a feast for the eyes: wheat fields, endless sky, and heartwarming rustic comfort. Large panoramic photos make it easy to differentiate this range of products from more than 20 SKUs.

Another brand that utilizes photography in their brand as a differentiating factor is Brink’s Free Range Chicken. The designers state in the article, “The free roaming birds, lush green landscape and back to basics attitude all became key components to the new packaging. In fact the hero imagery was shot on the actual Waikato farm to further underline the authenticity of the project.”