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We whistle while we work

One of the first questions every morning is, “what do you want to listen to today?”

Music is a common denominator and part of almost every culture around the world. Music expresses our emotions, connects us to other people, helps us engage in a video game, makes movies captivating and a thousand other things. Even if we don’t play an instrument or have an impressive singing voice, we are still drawn to music’s benefits. It has become an essential part of life for most people. For us, it is an essential part of our workplace. One of the first questions every morning is, “what do you want to listen to today?”

Why are we so excited to strike up the band?

There are many proven reasons why music can be healthy for your mind when you are at work (you can find some resources at the end of this article). Here are our top 3 reasons for jamming out on the clock:


As people in a creative industry, we are always seeking inspiration from different sources. Appreciating a variety of sounds and genres gives us fresh perspective and ideas for our own creations and helps us stay in-tune (did you catch that music pun?) with our inner artist.


We enjoy coming to work and like what we do. If we’re happy and we know it, why can’t we clap our hands? Listening to music creates a fun environment and keeps our team positive.


While our industry is at large considered a creative industry, ultimately we are a group of problem solvers. For example, when developing a website we organize and style content so it is best suited for a specific organization’s user group. To do this, we need to be focused. According to a research study (and our own experience), listening to music can actually improve idea generation and the quality of work.

Different grooves for different moods

There are so many different styles of music and they all have their place. We listen to a wide variety in our office, but here are some of our favorite options:

Caffeine for your ears
Get the brain juices flowing with this Amazon Prime Music playlist. These songs will keep your mind energized for hours. Be ready for some serious task completion. This option is best suited for the advanced music listener.

Pandora’s 60s, 70s and 80s Hits
You’ll be surprised by this refreshing musical cocktail. You never know what is coming next. One minute you’re jamming to the Eagles and the next minute you are snapping your fingers to Frank Sinatra. If you are in the mood for some all-around good tunes, this is the station for you.

Dubtrack is an interactive music playlist that you and your friends or coworkers choose the songs that play in real-time. This is a fun way to create camaraderie in the office as you work together. We’ve had some laughs with this by creating themes for the day like “songs that have colors in the title” or “songs that came out when you were in middle school”.

We listen for our clients

We work at our best when our environment reflects what we want our work to be like. Playing music in our office keeps our workspace creative, fun and engaging. When we surround ourselves with these things our work naturally takes on these great qualities, which in the end means happy clients.

If you’ve never listened to music while you are working, we encourage you to give it a try! If you can’t use earbuds at work, try to soak in some music on your way to the office. We’d be happy to hear about your musical work experiences or what you do to keep your workplace fun.

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