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Welcoming new team members

Written by Emily Bear

We are very excited to introduce new members of Pixel & Hammer team!

Our new project manager, Shannon

Shannon Fourlas joins us as our new project manager. We have had the pleasure of working with Shannon in the infancy of our studio, and are so excited to have her back as a full time team member. We call her the “forge controller” as her organization skills, passion, and spunk make her the perfect fit for orchestrating projects and ensuring their successes. Her years of experience in customer relations, and outgoing personality makes her client focused, and excited to meet you all.

Shannon is a graduate of Lock Haven University, where she majored in Business Management. She has developed her management skills throughout the years with companies such as Enterprise and Highmark Inc. When Shannon isn’t trying to manage the rest of our workloads, she enjoys the perks of living downtown Carlisle and helping Emily perform ‘market research’ for their husbands brewery.

Our new developer, Sarah

Sarah Kyler is our new digital blacksmith (or lead developer). While working with Sarah for the last few weeks, we find ourselves continually surprised at her knowledge of her craft. She is always eager to learn new skills and find new solutions that help us make “what-if’s” into well thought out, seamless tools.

Sarah started her development career at the young age of 13, building online games and websites for family and friends. Exploring the capabilities of the web with a do-it-yourself attitude quickly became a passion, driving the decision to pursue a computer science degree and get an early start in the web development industry. A love of learning, technology and logic extends into her free time as well with interests in reading, gaming and puzzles and is complimented by a love of animals and country life.

My dream for Pixel & Hammer has always been to have like-minded and talented individuals who enjoy coming to work everyday where they can find success while helping our awesome clients. I am truly excited and proud of the new team that we have built, and feel like we are right on track to do great things.

Special Thanks

I also want to thank our designer and front-end developer, Holly Tritt, for all of her hard work and dedication as we have navigated the last few months after the passing of our beloved developer, Chris Mowers. Heather and Chris will truly be missed, and we hope to make them proud as we forge ahead, and continue to grow and create awesome tools. Thank you all so much for your patience and kind words. We are so grateful to have such an awesome community of friends and clients who have been supporting us. We are looking forward to the future with great enthusiasm, and look forward to a successful future!

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