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Levi McCurdy

When he’s not spending hours on end sifting through 1000’s of lines of code you can find Levi binge-watching YouTube videos and DJing weddings & events on the weekends.

Connect With Levi

A Little Bio

At 18, Levi decided he needed a website for his personal brand. Instead of hiring someone or using an online do-it-yourself tool he spent the next three years at the Art Institute of York, PA earning a bachelor’s degree in web development. Straight from internship to full time, Levi has seen the ins and outs of the digital world. To keep up with such a fast-moving and ever-changing industry, Levi spends any free time he might have reading industry-related articles and watching coding tutorials on Youtube! Levi joined the Pixel & Hammer team in June 2017 as our second Web Developer.

About His Totem

Levi can’t recall exactly when he had his first interaction with a llama, but it was a memorable one. Alongside their soft and warm fur, llamas are confident & independent which are personal traits Levi also sees in himself. Although the Pixel & Hammer team hasn’t yet witnessed it, we’ve heard if he gets really upset, Levi will start spitting as his totem would. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!

His Job

In the simplest terms, Levi makes things work. Our designers make beautiful and elaborate web site design and it’s Levi’s passion and job to take those images and make them fully functioning websites that make all other websites jealous. Using a half dozen programming languages, alongside his passion for WordPress and other CMS platforms, nothing is impossible when it comes to the development of our clients’ sites.

If you ask him what his favorite part of the job is he’d say “First, coding and second, being sassy with the girls at Pixel & Hammer.”