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Blue Mountain Services

Owning property comes with responsibility and investment. Blue Mountain Services LLC is a one-stop-shop solution for our customers and all of their property needs.

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An Updated Brand

Blue Mountain Services is an all-inclusive property management & maintenance company. Their logo and website were dated and needed a facelift. We were more than happy to transform their brand into a modern and effective lead-generating opportunity.

The updated Blue Mountain Services logo needed just a few tweaks to make it pop on branding materials and the new website. It really was a matter of simplifying. Supplying the client with various file types gives them the opportunity to use the logo more effectively on the various platforms they use. Whether reversed out or in color, it is bold and straightforward.

Website Re-Design

The original Blue Mountain website seemed bare-bones upon first glance. In the places where it wasn’t, it was text-heavy and seemed daunting to look at. Photos of the incredible work that Blue Mountain Services does are extremely helpful in bringing in new clients. The photos were small and ineffective prior to us getting our hands on the site.

We set up a simple and direct navigation system in the header to match the new hierarchy of the site. We also included a call to action as well as easy-to-find social media and contact information. Using iconography adds a visual element to the text on each service page. This breaks up the text to give the viewer some space to take in the information.

The new website layout allows for larger images to be showcased on each page. This site works as a portfolio of Blue Mountain Service’s work. It is far more effective now that the site visitor has instant access to these images alongside a call to action to call for a free quote.

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