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Carlisle Christian Academy

We gave Carlisle Christian Academy a complete makeover through branding and website refresh

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Logo & Website Design

We gave Carlisle Christian Academy a complete makeover through branding and website refresh. Starting with branding, we created a simple yet effective logo. We wanted the logo to work in various iterations so there are versions that allow the acronym ‘CCA’ to stand alone, as well as versions that include both the acronym and full academy name. The mascot for CCA is the Knight. We designed an icon for the Knight that can be incorporated in the emblem for the academy or in the athletic logo variant. The primary colors of the brand are two shades of blue designed to portray a mood of warmth, professionalism, and engagement. As with all of our branding clients, we supplied CCA with a branding guide that can help them to use their logos in the most effective and eye-catching way.

Website & Content Development

Once we established branding for the academy, we were able to start our web design process. CCA encompasses elementary, secondary, arts and music education along with athletics and service-learning. Not only do students use the site, but it also has to be informational and easy to use for prospective students, parents, and educators. Through call to action buttons and hierarchy of navigation, it is now easy to schedule a tour of the school or find admission documents.

Adding candid imagery from the school as opposed to stock photography really allows the environment of the school to show through. You can see, as a prospective student, your peers that you may be sitting next to in class or what spiritual life might look like on a day to day basis.

The design of the site incorporates the branding colors but adds secondary colors that are bright and warm to add a fun and exciting feel to the information. News and blogs about campus life are organized through a backend filter so one can find what they need easily. The ‘Quick Links’ button in the navigation bar highlights some of the most commonly used pages so return visitors such as parents can find the weekly newsletter etc.

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