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New Life Community

They see families falling through the cracks in our community and want to provide a place of love and belonging and hope, as well as food, lodging, and even jobs.

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New Life Community Church is on a mission.

In February 2019, Pastor Ryan Brown approached us with a wild vision he named Convergence. More than twenty years in the making, he told us, “when two streams combine they increase in volume and speed. When many streams come together, they converge to create a roaring river that has the power to change everything in its path!” The idea was to bring community leaders around the table together, pooling resources, time, and energy for the good of those in need in Carlisle.

To kick off this long-term initiative, Ryan wanted to host a major event for community leaders. But to host such an event, they first needed a brand. So we set out to create a visual identity reflective and worthy of Ryan’s vision.

Creating the Brand

Exploring different options, we landed on a mark that made a bold statement. Perfectly imperfect, the brand is comprised of slightly warped blots of cyan and magenta that overlap into a beautiful purple. As such a unique event with a bold mission, we wanted to make sure the typography reflected this well. We arrived at a rhythmic, “converging” type treatment and paired it with a unique, condensed san serif subhead.

For this event, we created a branded event landing page, as well as invite cards and a partnership opportunities booklet. We had a ton of fun working on this project and look forward to seeing all the ways New Life will use this in the future.

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