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PA Wilds Tourism Website Design

PA Wilds is an organization that strives to create tourism growth in northern Pennsylvania. We worked closely with this great team to create a tourism website that is designed to highlight their newly branded regions that focus on highlighting attractions based on interest.

Landing pages for hiking, biking, wine tasting, and more allow users to navigate through the vast amount of content to easily curate their next trip into The PA Wilds.

PA Wilds came to Pixel & Hammer to develop a website solution that would allow their team to create new marketing landing pages on the fly in order to highlight and promote their tourism features. The website design allows their staff to quickly create pages with interesting and new layouts while the design stays clean and consistent.

The PA Wilds website design showcases the fun and exciting things to do in each region of the PA Wilds by focusing on the landscapes and journeys in the region, which are highlighted on a map on the website in order to orient users.

Users can explore the various activities within the new PA Wilds tourism website in order to help decide which landscape or region they would like to explore based on their unique interests.

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