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Pennsylvania Lumber Heritage Region

The Lumber Heritage Region’s previous website was very outdated and did not properly represent the organization. LHR operates with a small leadership team and needed a site that is extremely easy to manage. With the goal of increasing awareness and interaction from partners and potential tourists, we needed to provide a content structure that would give website users valuable information that was engaging and encouraged them to take action.

To increase website engagement, we used a simple navigation structure with enticing actionable words of Discover (what is the Lumber Heritage Region?), Visit (what can I do there?), Industry (how can I get involved in the lumber industry?), Our Roots (history of Lumber in PA), and Shop (buy items to support or learn more about LHR).

To entice new partnerships and make current partnerships more valuable, we created opportunities for LHR's partner businesses to be featured on the site through an interactive map and directory listings. The map showcases areas of interest for tourists and helps users get a better idea of the location that LHR covers. Below the map we included a list view that can be filtered by category.

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