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Sailhamer Real Estate

Sailhamer Real Estate is a locally-owned family business. Serving the Shippensburg and surrounding areas since 1979. Over the last 40 years, we’ve helped thousands of clients just like you buy, sell, rent, and mange their homes.

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A Broken & Old Website

When Sailhamer came to Pixel & Hammer their outdated and un-updatable WordPress website was hardly functioning. Previous developers had used plugins on top of plugins to “create” custom functionality without the understanding of this would affect the website in the near future. Over the years the Sailhamer website continued to not function properly, that is until the Pixel & Hammer team got a hold of it.

With a fresh and modern design with and all fully custom developed backend that doesn’t rely on plugins to operate, Sailhamer’s website is back up and running better than ever. With the latest technology in web development the team at Sailhamer now has the ability to create custom landing pages, featured properties, drag & drop content builder pieces, create their own forms and so much more. We are proud to include this all-new website in our list of successes as we’re sure this will keep Sailhamer up and running in the online real estate business for many years to come.

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