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Turnpaugh Health & Wellness

Our friends at Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center reached out to us to lend our talents to their website.

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Website & E-commerce Redesign

Our friends at Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center reached out to us to lend our talents to their website. They had a few things that they needed to address including a complete redesign of their website, e-commerce refresh, and clearer messaging. Functional medicine is fascinating and beneficial but their website was not allowing visitors to fully grasp what it is and the benefits that it gives rise to

There is a multitude of facets to functional medicine. Our job was to organize this vast industry into palatable, eye-catching pages. We combined simple, effective iconography with concise descriptions of each service and what it can treat.

On top of all of the services offered, Turnpaugh wanted to include an events calendar for their patients to easily find workshops, etc. Their resources page is now easy to navigate and find topics that are meaningful to the client. Their goal is to create a better patient-provider relationship and, aside from their events and resources, their team page gives deeper insight into each provider.

Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center not only offers services but they have an online store where you can order supplements. Their previous store was hard to navigate and we photographed each of their products for the online store as well as recategorized, redesigned and updated copy to create an ease of shopping for their clients.

Podcast Production

Turnpaugh Health & Wellness had one more goal to accomplish, educating functional medicine into as many ears as possible. So naturally, they asked us to help produce, edit and distribute their very first video podcast. In total, our team spent 3 days at the Turnpaguh offices filming & recording 9 episodes with 9 of their in house doctors & practitioners. The launch of their new website paired with their all-new podcast was the perfect start to the new year at Turnpaugh Health & Wellness. Check out one of their first episodes below & all other podcasting platforms.

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