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West Pennsboro Township includes some of the prettiest views and places in Cumberland County including quaint residential areas, farmland, and creek shores. However, when you think of small government websites, the word "pretty" is usually not one of the first words that come to mind. When updating West Pennsboro Township's website, we reflected the township's beautiful living environment in the website design by using large images of the area, a nature-inspired color scheme, and subtle texture.

While creating an eye-pleasing website was fun, it was not our only goal. We also needed to make the website serve the township staff well for their workflow. To serve the staff's needs, we developed:

  • A custom Documents & Resources center to house resolutions, applications, and other downloadable items
  • A news and event section
  • A community park page that showcases their well-kept park with a custom illustrated map and pavilion rental center
  • A custom Google map that outlines the township's borders and places of interest

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