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Podcast Production & Distribution

Are you always on the hunt to grow your business? Podcasting is a great way to boost leads and SEO while creating a fun and informative space for your industry!

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Podcast Production for Small Business

Our team at Pixel and Hammer can help facilitate your endeavor into the world of podcasting. Your prospects are listening so collaborate with us to create a professional, effective marketing tool.

Don’t settle for the quiet, unprofessional recorders you get with a cheap USB microphone from Amazon. We bring the equipment to you. Included in every recording session are high-quality XLR microphones, stands, headphones, and more! We not only offer high quality, professional audio recordings, but our team is also skilled in video production as well. Including a video element to your podcast allows for more people to gain access to you with the addition of social media sharing. Video content is the best way to engage and entertain potential leads. Click on the video below to see the latest episode of Turnpaugh Talks, a video & audio podcast we produced based on functional medicine.

“Pixel & Hammer provided the time, talent and effort to get our functional medicine podcast up and rolling. They were always very responsive, prompt and accommodating to our schedule and never hesitated to provide any additional support we needed. A podcast is something we have been talking about for years but never had the tools or expertise to get started. Pixel & Hammer recorded, edited, and distributed our podcast so we could finally spread the word about our practice and functional medicine! Thanks, Levi and the rest of the team at Pixel & Hammer for all of your help!”

– Dr.Turnpaugh – Turnpaugh Talks Podcast

Podcast Distribution

Do you know how to submit a podcast to iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play? How do you create & submit RSS feeds? These are all questions you don’t need to worry about! After recording your episodes, our team edits and processes the audio using the industry’s top editing tools to ensure your voice sounds amazing on all devices. We’ll even test the audio in our vehicles! Once the audio and video are good to go we submit the episode to the top podcast platforms. iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Overcast, Stitcher, YouTube, etc.

Free Podcast Hosting

Much like your pre-existing website, a podcast needs to be hosted on a server. Platforms like this will charge you based on the length of your episodes or even how many episodes you have. You’re in luck because with Pixel & Hammer, podcast hosting is FREE with your existing web hosting. Don’t have a website hosted with Pixel and Hamer? Find out how to make that switch today.

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