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Meet Emily Bear

A little bio

Emily co-founded Pixel & Hammer in 2009 after freelancing as a print and brand designer. Her focus quickly switched to website design, but she never lost her passion for branding and traditional print work.

Emily is passionate about business strategy, and authentic communication. She and her husband both own small businesses, and work closely together while working to create positive growth while giving back to the community.

She enjoys spending time with her Boxer dog, Marley, trying new craft beers with her husband, and spending time on the local Rails to Trails.

About her totem

With the last name of "Bear," the brown bear is an obvious choice for her totem. She is protective of her team, and aggressively works on improving all aspects of our processes and quality.

Her job

Emily wears a few hats around the office. Her main priority is to keep the rest of the team happy, and to find fun and inspiring clients to work with.

When Emily is not planning the next ice cream excursion for the team, she is busy working in the design team to develop brands, website UI, as well as managing the SEO and marketing strategies for our clients.