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Meet Sarah Kyler

A little bio

Sarah started her development career at 13, building games and websites for family and friends. Exploring the capabilities of the web with a do-it-yourself attitude and proving to her parents that computers were much more that expensive paperweights quickly became a passion. She jumped straight from a computer science degree into the web development industry and never stopped learning. She joined the Pixel & Hammer team in March, 2016 as Lead Developer.

When not tapping away at her keyboard, Sarah can probably be found battling her friends in some kind of video or tabletop game. She also loves reading, crafting of any kind, country life, her pony-dog and several kitties.

About her totem

Sarah's first pet she could call her own was a little Calico kitten (they met when they were both 3 months old) and from that point forward she has never been without at least one kitty companion. One of the first things she did as an adult with her own place was bring home two kittens to annoy her grumpy older cat. Her friends, her therapy, her furbabies, it's only fitting they also be her totem.

Her job

Sarah handles the more technical side of things. She loves her databases and building complex custom applications for clients, and will take on existing projects just for the excuse of learning something new. She works with half a dozen programming languages and a dozen more CMS tools to build out websites and create the kind of shopping carts that won't run into your car. She handles all things hosting & email and in between that and everything else she'll squeeze in learning a new programming language or two.

If you ask her what her favorite part of the job is she'd say "All of it, just not all at once."