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Meet Scott McFadden

A Little Bio

Scott joined the Pixel & Hammer team in the summer of 2018 as a full-time graphic designer. On top of an overall enthusiastic and outgoing personality, Scott brings a passion for branding, typography, and print design to the team.

Prior to joining the ranks at Pixel & Hammer, Scott celebrated stay-at-home-dad-of-twin-boys status for nearly two years. When he wasn’t changing diapers or attempting to feed toddlers non-Cheerio-related foods, Scott spent his time working on freelance design projects, as well as writing, recording, and producing his own solo music project, Okay Children.

About His Totem

Scott’s totem is the flamingo. This choice isn’t necessarily infused with great meaning, as it was actually assigned to him one day when he wore a trendy flamingo-patterned button-up to work. Though flamingos are great birds in their own right, their likeness makes an even greater pattern when applied to a navy shirt. So. Is his totem a bit random? You bet. Would he have it any other way? Absolutely not.

His Job

At its core, Scott’s job is to ask the question, “Why?” By thinking critically and holistically about all aspects of a branding project, Scott’s job is to sift out the excess noise—from uninspiring logos to cluttered websites to busy messaging—and establish refined, beautiful, and memorable brand identities for our clients.