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Meet Shannon Fourlas

A little bio

Shannon joined the Pixel & Hammer team in April of 2016. Although she was new to the team, she was no stranger to working with some of the team members. Shannon had worked with Emily and Holly, for a brief time in 2012, when the company name was 717studios.

Shannon joined us from a more corporate environment and she loves the freedom and flexibility that a small team has to offer. She enjoys working in the community in which she lives and helping to promote the local businesses.

Shannon enjoys spending time at home with her husband and their spunky daughter! She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. In her free time, she likes to frequent a local watering hole which her husband is a co-owner of, and also help her friends and family out whenever she can!

About her totem

When Shannon started with our team, we decided to have her pick out her own totem. Shannon thought the Spider Monkey was cute but little did she know how fitting this totem would be, for her. The Spider Monkey is known to be a very social animal, and Shannon is an extremely social person. She loves working with all of our clients and having that one-on-one communication with each of them!

Her job

Based on Shannon's background in the corporate world and her degree in business, it was fitting that she take on the role of project manager. Shannon works diligently to keep a constant flow of communication within our team and our clients.

Where some may find juggling schedules and projects to be daunting, Shannon finds peace in the organization of it all.