The top 10 design agencies in Central PA

How do I find the best agency near me!?

When it comes to building a website, developing your marketing initiatives and designing a brand, you have a ton of choices. Honestly, it can feel overwhelming! Where do you even start? 

While many agencies offer similar services, all have different specialties and unique focuses that may make one a better choice than another, depending on your specific needs. That’s why we’re putting together this list of the top 10 agencies in Central PA (in no particular order).

Whatever your unique goals and needs are, you’ve got some great options nearby!


(Lancaster, PA)

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Perhaps one of the best known agencies in the area, Infantree’s team of talented in-house creatives excel at crafting complex brand identities for large businesses. Consider Infantree if you're looking for a larger scale, compelling brand identity to stand out on a national stage or design of a physical space (i.e. restaurant or retail store).


GoWelsh is an award-winning branding, design, and advertising agency based in Lancaster. They’ve been recognized nationally for their thoughtful and innovative design projects. Consider GoWelsh if you're looking attention-grabbing graphic design projects and branding, beautiful typography-based projects, or bespoke letterpress printing.

(Lancaster, PA)

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Cross & Crown
(Chambersburg, PA)

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Cross & Crown is a Christian faith-based design agency out of Chambersburg PA. With a full in-house team of dedicated creatives, Cross & Crown are great at telling stories through multimedia. Consider Cross & Crown if you're looking for top-to-bottom multimedia integration (from video work to web design)—particularly if you're a nonprofit, ministry, and other faith-based organization.


Green T is a long-standing design agency based in and deeply integrated into the culture of Carlisle. Consider Green T design if you're looking for a “one-stop-shop” for your design needs—whether that's a logo, photography, print design, or a website.

Green T Design
(Carlisle, PA)

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(Harrisburg, PA)

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A giant of search engine optimization and web design, WebFX is a well-respected firm in Harrisburg who have served thousands of businesses. Consider WebFX if you're looking for data-driven SEO services and campaigns, as well as website design and development.


A small but mighty web development outfit out of Harrisburg, Factory44 has been helping clients bring their designs to life for years. Consider Factory 44 if you're looking for a website developer to bring your designs to life.

(Harrisburg, PA)

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Fig Industries
(Lancaster, PA)

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Purveyors of the well-known and beautifully designed “Fig Magazine”, Fig Industries is a beloved creative guide in the Lancaster community. Consider Fig if you're seeking beautiful print design (e.g. magazines, collateral, etc.) or large-scale branding and advertising campaigns.


Nestled in close to the river, Sparrow crafts action-oriented websites and marketing solutions for small businesses. Consider Sparrow for special focus on small businesses and real estate websites as well locally-driven SEO results.

(Columbia, PA)

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Foxcrest Media
(Chestnut Hill, PA)

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With a particular focus on copywriting and content creation, Foxcrest Media partners with businesses and nonprofits to help organizations connect with their audiences. Consider Foxcrest Media for hands-on assistance writing content and copy for your website (you know, help writing that blog post you know you should write but never actually get around to).


Topline Growth is an agency out of Carlisle with a strong focus on helping business with their marketing. Consider Topline Growth if you're interested in crafting robust marketing campaigns that span from Google Adwords to social media to email marketing.

Topline Growth
(Carlisle, PA)

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Marketing shouldn’t be mystical.

Pixel & Hammer

We know how frustrating and “mysterious” marketing your organization can be. Yet here's the reality: your website should be the single most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. In fact, every day you spend without a compelling website that drives users to action is money down the drain. For more than a decade, we’ve helped businesses and nonprofits create beautiful, results-oriented websites.

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Online options to consider



If you feel confident in your design and copywriting skills and want to save the most money possible, you could consider a pre-templated site from Squarespace. The upside is that prices are reasonable and their templated designs provide users with good starting places. The downside is that, unless you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to have a site that feels more like a worthy submission to Netflix’s “Nailed It!” than the prim and polished template presented to you.
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Same concept here as Squarespace. You get affordable, pre-templated websites to help get your ideas off the ground. While these template designs look good on the surface, it still takes an eye for design to make them look good when you start adding your content.
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If you’re looking for a simple, small, one-off creative task, you may consider Fiverr. With a massive pool of creative freelancers, you’re sure to find someone to work with in your price range. The upside to Fiverr is that options abound and prices are dirt cheap. The downside is, well, you often get what you pay for.
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