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Episode 17

Kevin Koskella - Work Hero & Entrepreneurship

With Work Hero you can grow your online business faster with a flat monthly fee, giving you access to unlimited technical tasks and graphic designs. You can find out more about Work Hero, their services, & Kevin Koskella here.

Episode 16

Brandon Bear - Business Finances & Other Marketing

Brandon Bear is the vice president and head of operations at Meadowbrooke gourds & the CFO at The Molly Pitcher Brewing Company. In today's episode Levi & Emily talk to Brandon about his day to day, the challenges to managing the finances of three different companies, facebook marketing and how / when to hire new employees!

Episode 15

Web Developers Debate Using Wordpress - Pros & Cons

In this quick episode of Dev Minutes Levi & Sarah sit down to talk about Wordpress. As we all know, Wordpress is the most commonly used CMS on the web as it's free from anyone! But, free doesn't always mean good. The devs discuss security, plugins for the CMS vs. other CMS plugins and development strategies, and more! Wordpress just celebrated it's 15th birthday so it was only fitting we made it episode 15 of the podcast.

Episode 14

Your Privacy Online, GDPR, & Privacy Policy Updates

Our intern Alex sat us all down to discuss the updates on internet privacy and how companies use your data online. Over the past couple of months—maybe on the internet, maybe in a story on TV news—you have likely heard the acronym, “GDPR.” If you do not work in the technology industry and are not at least casually interested in tech, it’s possible these stories failed to earn a slice of your preciously finite attention. However, as a reader of our blog (and therefore a member of this internet), GDPR affects you directly and you should understand how. You can check out part one of Alex's blog here and part two here.

Episode 13

Owning A Business For 25 Years - Ben Bear, Owner of Meadowbrooke Gourds

Ben Bear started Meadowbrooke Gourds in his garage 25 years ago. Since then he's perfected a growing method, cleaning, drying, and decorating every single gourd at Meadowbrooke. Our team talked to Ben about his business' best practices, failures and the future of his hand crafted business. To learn everything you need to know about this fascinating business listen to episode 13 of Agency Hour and of course visit