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Your website should be your best marketing tool.

For more than ten years, we’ve helped businesses and organizations across Central PA build beautiful websites that drive users to action.

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Marketing shouldn’t be mystical.

Pixel & Hammer

We know how frustrating and “mysterious” marketing your organization can be. Yet here's the reality: your website should be the single most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. In fact, every day you spend without a compelling website that drives users to action is money down the drain. For more than a decade, we’ve helped businesses and nonprofits create beautiful, results-oriented websites.

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If your website isn’t efficiently and effectively driving your users to action, your website is failing you. Plain and simple. At Pixel and Hammer, we do more than just build you a pretty website—we make sure your website is laser focused on driving growth.


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The reality is that presentation matters—people do, in fact, judge books by their covers! Form and function both matter. That's why we design your site with attention to the smallest brand details—including typography, voicing, organizational hierarchy, user experience, color, and more. You’ve spent countless hours building and refining your business. Make sure your website accurately reflects the professional caliber work you provide.


Finally, you could have the most beautifully designed website with the most compelling sales copy. It doesn’t mean anything if that site takes too long to load, gets hacked regularly, or is precariously piece-mealed together using hundreds of plugins. We build every site in-house using clean code and premium security features, including free SSL for life.


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Here's How We Work Together:



Getting started is simple and painless. Click the “Get Started” button and give us a few quick details about who you are and what you’re looking for. Once we get your submission, we'll reach out to schedule a quick 15 minute call where we'll introduce ourselves and learn more about your project.



After our initial call, we'll put together a personalized proposal for you. Once we get a "yes" from you, we’ll schedule an official Kickoff Meeting with project stakeholders to set actionable goals, ask any questions, and make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction. Every project is a little different, and this meeting typically lasts about 45 minutes.



We lay the foundation for your repeatable, ongoing web and marketing success. We want to make raving fans of every client we work with—and that means ensuring you have the tools, confidence, and know-how in place to succeed in a competitive digital environment.

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