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Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

Counting down the top seven of our favorite WordPress plugins that anyone can use to improve their website!

You're Saying Too Much

Scott writes about Business

Let’s cut to it: you’re saying too much. More specifically, your website is saying too much. Most websites do. And this is a big problem for your business.

5 Tips for Better Business Blogging

Scott writes about Business

Blogging is an important yet often underutilized marketing tool for businesses. Yet there are so many benefits to maintaining a blog it’s hard to ignore!

Keeping your business secure online

Sarah writes about Tech

​Many business’ are unprepared for the security concerns of the internet, especially if the business isn’t focussed on technology. Regardless it’s important to keep your business secure online so we have outlined a few steps that any business can follow to help out.

What's the secret password?

Sarah writes about Tech

​The first thing that comes to mind when talking about passwords is pain. They’re a pain to remember, a pain to recover when forgotten, a pain when they get stolen and it’s a pain when a website forces you to create super secure passwords without the name of your favorite pet.

​After launch, what next?

Maintenance is probably one of the least sexy things to talk about when discussing your website. In fact the conversation of maintenance usually comes at the tail end of something bad, like a broken feature or even a hack. But a lot of times hacks or broken features are preventable or their damage can at least be mitigated through maintaining your website post launch.

Part 2: The Policy of Privacy has been Updated

Alex writes about Tech

In this follow-up to last week's post, Alex investigates what online platforms know about him and explores the question of why data protection laws are necessary.

Part 1: The Policy of Privacy has been Updated

Alex writes about Tech

Against the backdrop of data breaches, social manipulation, and an ubiquitous internet of things, it is more important now than ever that internet users become conscious of their digital privacy. We all love the services we use for "free?" But what do these services truly cost? In this two-part series I examine this question and GDPR—the EU's answer to online privacy rights.

All About SSL's

SSL's aren't new, but they are still well misunderstood. With the internet continuing to push towards more secure standards, find out everything you need to know about an SSL and how it applies to your website.

Meet Scott McFadden - Our New Designer

Levi writes about Office News

Last week we hired a new graphic / web designer at Pixel & Hammer, Scott McFadden. Naturally, we through him to the wolves and on his 3rd day we recorded our first episode as the Agency Hour Podcast. Learn more about Scott and give our latest episode a listen.

How to develop branding consistency

Levi writes about Industry

Learn why it is important to have consistency in your branding and how to make it happen.

Branded items for the office

Levi writes about Industry

74% of consumers have at least one branded item in their workspace.​

Introducing Goods & Gear

Levi writes about Office News

We are now an official distributor of thousands 
of items that can be personalized with your brand.

Pixel & Hammer releases its first official podcast!

Our team has plenty of expertise and even more to say about business, culture, technology, marketing, and design. Every other Friday, our team sits down to share insight into one of these topics to hopefully help our listeners improve and be inspired.

Tools of the Trade

As part of our branding and our identities as digital makers, we liken ourselves to blacksmiths and other crafter types. In the same way a blacksmith uses his hammer to shape and mold his metal creation, we use our tools to shape and mold pixels into beautiful, functional websites. Our tools are important to us, so we’d like to share with everyone some of our favorite tools that we use daily.

Take a walk on the WILD side

Shannon writes about Office News

Road trips! Who doesn’t love loading up the car with a bunch of tasty treats and taking a drive to a new place? Road trips are almost always guaranteed to be a great time, and It had been quite some time since any of the Pixel & Hammer crew had the chance to take a road trip. So when presented with the opportunity to drive up north to meet with a client, we were jumping for joy. Literally!

Best ways to get great photography

Question: How do I get good imagery for marketing? Answer: No worries, friend. We have 4 ways to hook you up regardless of your budget.

Forging Custom Tools

Websites are fantastic tools for marketing, information and selling products or services. But the web is an ever-growing and advancing technology and it’s capabilities expand constantly. Much the way cities develop, thousands of people from around the world are building and updating powerful tools and resources for others to tap into, connect to and build up. What makes this important though, is how it can help you or your business grow and optimize.

Top 5 favorite productivity apps to get things done

When working with a small team with large projects, there is always a deadline, new tools and information to digest, and ideas to process. I love productivity apps, so I wanted to take a moment to share my all time favorites with you.

How to choose a promotional product

We’ll take a look at how to choose an effective product for your target audience by asking 5 simple questions.

Pixel and Hammer Internships: Shaping the next generation of developers

Shannon writes about Office News

Let's get physical...with your marketing

You’ll hear us talk a lot about the importance of a well designed website and clear social media marketing plan. These are both aspects of marketing that can sometimes be hard to grasp because they are, well, intangible.

Let the good times roll

Once a month, our team tries to do some type of team building activity. In the short time that I have been with the company we have done two fun activities; Painting pots for Earth Day and bowling at the local bowling alley.

Let’s talk about your back end

There’s a lot of discussion about Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world of the web. Most of the chatter is about WordPress but there are ever-growing communities springing up around many other options and as a result there is a lot of argument as to which CMS is best.

Humanizing your brand

As a business, it seems appropriate to create a campaign that ties in to a discount, and watch the resulting data to gauge success based on sales, clicks, or whatever metric you like to use. I challenge you to set aside the data, and take a very deliberate look at your market and truly communicate with them.

We whistle while we work

Levi writes about Office News

One of the first questions every morning is, “what do you want to listen to today?”

Celebrating Earth Day!

Shannon writes about Office News

Today, we celebrate the Earth and all of its wonderful attributes and so, I decided that it would be fitting for this week’s post to be about Earth Day.

The strength to wield hammers

Sarah writes about Office News

​It’s sort of a given that building a team can be quite a challenge. You can hire the best people in the world, but if they don’t get along or don’t work well together...

Welcoming new team members

Emily writes about Office News

We are very excited to introduce new members of Pixel & Hammer team!

Marketing plan basics

Levi writes about Business

​Having recently reworked our own marketing plan, we thought it would be a good time to share some pointers with you. Before we delve into the process, we’ll make sure you understand what a marketing plan is and why it is important.

New name, new digs

Emily writes about Office News

​“Again?!” This is a response I have gotten used to hearing when I announce the latest move of our little studio. Yes. Again. And this time we are sure that we are staying put! Big things have happened in the last few months and we felt the need for a formal update.

Our client makes the LA Times

Emily writes about Our Clients

Our studio is excited to expand our footprint into the great state of New Hampshire. A few weeks ago, we successfully launched the new Cambia by NFP website. Cambia takes a common wood species like Yellow Poplar or Ash and uses a unique process to produce a thermally modified product to enhance durability and dimensional stability similar to cedar, popular imported species (think teak and mahogany), and composite materials.

Supporting our local community - Carlisle Summerfair

Emily writes about Our Clients

We’ve been honored to have the opportunity to enhance Summerfair’s branding by lovingly donating a bright new logo, brochure and poster designs, and mobile-friendly website.

New website launch: Blessing Trails

Emily writes about Our Clients

​Recently we launched a brand spanking new website and custom solution for Betsy Shughart of Blessing Trails LLC. Betsy came to us with a simple idea of wanting to pay it forward by providing a bag for friends and neighbors to share blessings with each other.

Pixel & Hammer welcomes back Holly

Sarah writes about Office News

​Some of you might remember me, but for those of you who don’t, my name is Holly Tritt. I was part of the team at 717 Studios a few years ago as a designer and also worked on front-end development.

A client trip to New Hampshire

Emily writes about Our Clients

​Occasionally we get to travel to meet our clients who are farther afield. In February some of us drove through the record breaking snow in the northeast to meet with a really awesome client that makes thermally modified siding from poplar trees. They’re located in New Hampshire, so we heard some great Northern accents along the way!

Say "hello" to Pixel & Hammer

Emily writes about Office News

​Well, here we are with an updated website and a new name. Don’t worry, we’re still the same 717 Studios team that you’ve been dealing with for years, but now we’ve got a brand that better reflects the level of storytelling and handcraftedy-ness that goes into everything we do. Now that we’re official, you should see the Pixel & Hammer brand out there more often. By the way, don’t forget to give us call and ask for one of our spiffy new Pint glasses!

Responsive web design: Crafting websites for people and devices

Emily writes about Tech

The internet has become the world’s supply hub, and people access it daily, voraciously, and on multiple devices...