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As a long-standing Pennsylvania winery, Adams County Winery needed an ecommerce platform to match the quality of their wines. With a outdated online presence, they turned to Pixel & Hammer to build them a custom website with integrated ecommerce capabilities. The new user-friendly website established Adams County Winery as a premier destination for online wine purchases in the region.

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Orrtanna, Pennsylvania

Understanding The Client's Needs

Having opened its doors in 1975, Adams County Winery has a deep history of winemaking and a reputation for excellence. Nestled on 75 acres of picturesque rolling hills and farmland, the winery operates out of a registered historic barn originally built in the 1860s.

Adams County Winery wanted to better showcase its wines, history, and stunning property online. This meant building an engaging website with compelling visuals and integrated shopping functionality. With a outdated existing website, the winery partnered with Pixel & Hammer to bring a fresh online presence to life.

Planning the Site Architecture

Pixel & Hammer started by outlining an effective information architecture for the new Adams County Winery website. This included:

  • A visual, immersive homepage introducing the winery’s unique story
  • An “Our Wines” section with individual pages for each wine variety along with tasting notes, ideal pairings, and purchase options
  • A site section walking through the winemaking process from vineyard to bottle
  • Pages introducing the winemaking team and providing the winery’s history
  • An events calendar showcasing special tastings, live music nights, and more
  • A photo gallery with vivid images of the vineyards, winemaking facilities, and scenic property

This architecture covers all the important details potential customers would want to know while maintaining an engaging, storytelling flow.

Building an Elegant Custom Design

With the architecture in place, Pixel & Hammer crafted a custom design for Adams County Winery’s new website. Light, natural colors and ample whitespace establish a clean, sophisticated look and feel.

Photography of the vineyards, wine barrels, and historic barn grounds provide visual interest while speaking to the winery’s rich history. Icons, illustrations, and custom graphic elements also reinforce the brand’s personality and reflect the winemaking process.

The typography and layout keep the focus on the wines. Clean, simple navigation makes exploring the portfolio intuitive. This elegant design puts Adams County Winery’s best attributes front and center online.

Engineering a Seamless Ecommerce Experience

One of the major goals for the new website was integrating a user-friendly ecommerce system to sell the winery’s products online. Using robust technology and APIs, Pixel & Hammer built out custom tools for inventory management, shopping cart functionality, online payments, and shipping.

On each wine page, visitors can view tasting notes, food pairings, and awards before selecting bottle formats and quantities to purchase. A persistent cart icon provides visibility into their purchases as they browse. Seamless checkout and secure payment processing complete the experience.

Built on a scalable platform, the ecommerce solution provides room to grow the product catalog moving forward. Pixel & Hammer implemented analytics tracking so Adams County Winery can continually optimize the shopping experience.

Launching a Modern, Mobile-Ready Website

By leveraging a responsive custom WordPress theme, Pixel & Hammer ensured Adams County Winery’s new website looked fantastic on all devices. Mobile optimization was particularly important given rising online wine purchases from smartphones and tablets.

Built utilizing modern development practices, the site provides lightning-fast performance across all browsers and devices. The winery now has a stable technical foundation capable of supporting their online business needs both today and in the future.

Ongoing Partnership for Success

For Adams County Winery, launching the new website marked just the beginning. Pixel & Hammer provides ongoing support through WordPress site updates, SEO optimization, integrations with marketing platforms, and evolving the website as the winery’s needs change.

Thanks to stellar design, development, and strategic integration of ecommerce capabilities, the new website establishes Adams County Winery as a go-to online destination for wine lovers. Pixel & Hammer is proud to have crafted an elevated online experience on par with the winery’s award-winning wines.

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