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The park, situated along the picturesque Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, boasts a rich history dating back to the 18th century. The goal was to create a modern and engaging website that showcased the park’s heritage, historical significance, and diverse offerings. The project included not only a website redesign but also the development of a custom WordPress theme and content builder.

The Challenge:

Fort Hunter Mansion & Park’s previous website was outdated and did not reflect the historical charm and significance of the site. The client sought a comprehensive digital solution that not only modernized the online experience but also highlighted the park’s extensive history, events, and attractions. Pixel & Hammer faced the challenge of creating a website that appealed to a broad audience, including history enthusiasts, tourists, and locals interested in recreational activities.

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Fort Hunter Mansion & Park


Website Design & Development




Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Our Approach

Pixel & Hammer took a holistic approach to address Fort Hunter Mansion & Park’s digital needs. The following key steps were undertaken to ensure a successful transformation:

  1. Custom WordPress Theme & Content Builder: A bespoke WordPress theme and content builder were developed to ensure a seamless and user-friendly content management system. This allowed Fort Hunter’s team to easily update and manage content, ensuring that the website remained dynamic and up-to-date.

  2. Website Redesign: The design team at Pixel & Hammer worked closely with the client to create a visually appealing and intuitive website. The focus was on incorporating modern design elements while paying homage to the park’s historical roots. The result was a visually stunning website that reflected the grandeur of Fort Hunter Mansion & Park.

  3. Navigation and Structure Optimization: The navigation, page layout, and overall structure of the site were meticulously reworked. This included creating an intuitive menu system, optimizing page layouts for a seamless user experience, and ensuring that visitors could easily find information about the park’s attractions, events, and history.

The new website prominently featured the rich history of Fort Hunter Mansion & Park, starting from its origins in 1725 to its present-day status as a recreational park. The content was organized in a way that engaged visitors and encouraged exploration of the park’s diverse offerings. Key attractions, such as the Centennial Barn, Tavern House, Everhart Covered Bridge, Fort Hunter Conservancy, Heckton Church, and the Service Station, were highlighted with detailed information and images.

Results everyone was happy with

The revitalized Fort Hunter Mansion & Park website successfully achieved its objectives:

Enhanced User Experience: The new website provided visitors with a modern and user-friendly experience, making it easier to explore the park’s history, attractions, and events.

Improved Engagement: With a visually appealing design and well-organized content, the website encouraged increased engagement from a diverse audience, including history enthusiasts, families, and event planners.

Efficient Content Management: The custom WordPress theme and content builder empowered Fort Hunter’s team to efficiently manage and update the website’s content, ensuring that information remained current and relevant.

Showcasing Heritage: The website effectively showcased the historical significance of Fort Hunter Mansion & Park, allowing visitors to connect with the site’s rich heritage.

Promoting Attractions: Each attraction within the park, from the Centennial Barn to the Heckton Church, was highlighted, contributing to increased awareness and visitation.

Pixel & Hammer’s collaboration with Fort Hunter Mansion & Park resulted in a successful digital transformation. The new website not only modernized the online presence but also celebrated the historical significance of this iconic site in Central Pennsylvania. As the park continues to attract visitors from all walks of life, the digital platform serves as a gateway for exploration, education, and appreciation of Fort Hunter Mansion & Park’s vibrant history. The project exemplifies Pixel & Hammer’s commitment to delivering digital solutions that align with the unique needs and narratives of their clients.

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