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At Ruby Twine, Amanda Bluman carries on her family’s generations-old tradition of upholstery and furniture restoration. Breathing new life into clients’ vintage finds and heirlooms, Ruby Twine turns worn pieces into custom showstoppers.

When Amanda came to Pixel & Hammer, she wanted an online presence as unique as her refurbished furniture. Her vision demanded a website that balanced her craft’s rich history with a modern commercial site.

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Ruby Twine


Website Design & Development




Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Building a Timeless Digital Foundation

Focusing on high-quality imagery and easy user flows, Pixel & Hammer built an elegant WordPress website to showcase Ruby Twine’s custom upholstery services. Through stripped-back design with thoughtful typographic details, we created a digital space as warm and inviting as Amanda’s small-town Pennsylvania workshop.

The site’s innate focus on visual storytelling resonates with visitors as they pour through project galleries revealing Ruby Twine’s furniture transformations. Integrated client testimonials and streamlined contact options make taking the next step simple for prospective customers ready to revive their own pieces.

Behind the scenes, optimized page speeds, metadata, and strong internal linking reinforce search visibility for Ruby Twine’s specialized offerings. This foundations enables the upholstery shop to capture new local clients while showcasing Amanda’s work to a national audience.

Ongoing Support To Build Future Growth

By providing ongoing maintenance, updates, hosting, and troubleshooting, Pixel & Hammer ensures Ruby Twine’s website remains the reliable digital face of the business. As Amanda’s next generation steps in to lend their creative talents, our team will continue optimizing Ruby Twine’s online platforms to facilitate sustainable growth.

Combining craftsmanship and online convenience, Ruby Twine and Pixel & Hammer rewrite perceived limits, revealing new possibilities for small businesses to thrive across digital and physical worlds.

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